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Hammered copper pendant necklace, copper necklace, rustic copper necklace, statement necklace


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Copper spiral pendant wire wrapped with pearls and sponge coral, copper necklace, copper and pearl necklace


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Hand forged copper bangle/bracelet made with very heavy copper wire, metal bangle, copper circle bracelet


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SALE: Copper circle necklace with handmade bail and cord, copper necklace, copper jewelry, rustic tribal necklace


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Copper necklace with crazy lace agate in a copper bezel, crazy lace agate necklace, stone necklace


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Copper necklace with hand wrapped round jasper bead and handmade copper wire coil and clasp, wire wrapped jewelry, copper necklace


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Lord and Poppy Copper Jewelry

Welcome to Lord and Poppy Copper Jewelry specializing in truly handmade using pure copper wire and semi precious gems. I also like to use many mixed metals and media in my creations. Every piece is lovingly hand formed, hammered, textured, oxidized, hand polished, and hand stamped for you.

These one-of-a-kind pieces will make a perfect gift for any occasion.

I ship worldwide!